P.J.'s bicycle tour in Scotland

The End


Well here we are at the end of my tour report. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed my holidays. Altogether I cycled 1213 miles in 105 hours (stops and breaks not included) on the bicycle. My average speed was 11.5 mph, the maximum was 45.6 mph. I had about 6 punctures and three broken spokes.

When I'm looking back to these three weeks I have to say that I had a wonderful time despite the rain, the wind, aching knees, broken spokes and a couple of sunburns. And if somebody asks me if I would do it again I can only say YES. There were so many places I didn't have the time to go to or the weather was too bad and there are a lot of places I'd like to see again.

What would I change the next time? Probably not much, just a better check of the wheels and that would be all. No preparations, just ride on where you like it. If you don't mind being out in nature all on your own with nobody around a tour like that is great. So all that's left for me to say at the moment is:

Goodbye Scotland, I'll be coming back for sure!

Addition 2009

Well,now it is 2009 and I have to admit that alas I didn't make it back again. I toured the world, from Australia, The United States, the Norwegian Coast up to the North Cape (although all that not with the bicycle) and now am happily married and not so much on the bike any more. I hope that one day I will find the time to visit Scotland again.

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