P.J.'s bicycle tour in Scotland

Tuesday, June 11, 1996

From Edinburgh to Galashiels

31.8 miles

Somewhere on the road
 Somewhere on the road

When I got up in the morning I dropped the plan to stay in Edinburgh for another day. The first reason for that decision was the bad weather -- it was raining -- and the second was the fact that I didn't like to leave all my things at this big and quite busy camping site. So I left Edinburgh at 10.30 and drove on south on the A7.

The rain stopped only for about half an hour and then it started again. Besides that it was cold that day, so I didn't feel like cycling at all. After checking my map I decided only to cycle to Galashiels today and stay there for the rest of the day; it had been a long day yesterday, I'd been cycling until nearly eight o' clock then.

Just when I had got me a B&B in Galashiels and went into town for shopping the rain stopped and the sun came out. But I'd bet that if I'd cycled on it would have rained all day long. Later that evening I went to an Indian restaurant (I would have preferred the Italian one, but they're closed on Tuesdays) and after that I went to the cinema. The movie was alright, Money Train with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson; well it was something different anyway after two and a half weeks. I came home at 11pm and was somehow glad to get into my bed.